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Softshell and fleece jackets for boys

This is where you find a broad assortment of soft shell jackets for boys. We have a large number of soft shell jackets for boys, and your son will probably find most of the very cool. All jackets are designed according to various characters from the LEGO world.
It’s important that your son has a jacket that doesn’t limit him when he moves. You never face a problem with the ability to move in a LEGO Wear soft shell jacket.

LWSimone 701 – LEGO® Wear fleece cardigan
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Available in 2 colours
Size Sizes in stock:
104 cm, 110 cm, 116 cm, 122 cm, 128 cm, 134 cm, 140 cm, 146 cm, 152 cm, 158 cm, 164 cm
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Read more about boys soft shells

Here you find our unique assortment of LEGO Wear soft shell jackets for boys. When buying a jacket for your son you should keep in mind that the jacket must be comfortable and extra durable, when your son goes outside to play. Inside the jacket you can write his name and your phone number, and therefore the jacket will always return back home if lost.

Apart from being very comfortable it’s also awesome in appearance. We have super cool and beautiful fleeces and soft shell jackets for LEGO Wear that your son will love. There are many different kinds, and you’re bound to find one you like as well, and the same with your son. It’s important that your sons feels comfortable in this jacket, and therefore you should pick what he likes the most.

LEGO® Wear – High quality children's clothes

LEGO Wear clothing is synonymous with high quality. Children play and wear their clothes out, and that's the way it should be. That's why good quality is in focus, and LEGO Wear is good quality, the clothes will last and the comfort is still high.

LEGO® Wear – childrens favorite clothes

Find your child's favourite clothes here. Your child will love the LEGO characters on the clothes and soon have found a new favourite with an image from the LEGO universe.  High quality clothes that can washed over and over again.

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