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Not too many years ago this area was called CSR. Before that it was all about ethics and good morals, and maybe the latter describes it the best. How do we act ethically and morally in terms of our products, our suppliers and our society?

At KABOOKI ethics and morals have been core values since the company was established in 1993. At the time without much consideration, but simply a natural consequence of working with the LEGO Group.

Not much has changed since then apart from the fact that today we have a completely different awareness about what we do and why we do it – on a daily basis we make choices.

Not only does the world around us change, at the same time we cannot tell what’s hot and what’s not tomorrow, or a year from now – what is considered good morals today maybe be seen very differently only a year from now. That’s why we have chosen to be part of several relevant networks, within many areas, because only by listening to what others do, and to listen to what’s going on and how other companies handle the challenges can we learn. At the same time we happily share our experience. We have chosen to believe that ‘together we can improve things’ and make a difference – also in the long run!

We have chosen to make high quality children’s clothes, because the well-being of children is important to us. Sometimes this means that we reject the most obvious suggestions and ideas – and most commonly we opt for different choices even though it means more expensive solutions.

We have chosen to concentrate our efforts on the products, and where the products are made, while at the same time working on other aspects of textile making. We have chosen to follow the legislation that regulates the manufacture of textiles. The legislation is changeable why we follow trends within in our trade, nationally and internationally.

Below you can read more about the various areas of focus. That’s your choice!

KABOOKI employees

We have chosen to only hire employees that fully sympathize and relate to the DNA that is significant for our company. Employees must be positive, with an attitude and they must be strong professionals. Tone of voice is informal at the same respecting each and everyone as an individual.

“We must always behave consciously, and we must strive to do better" – this is how we conduct our business and the ever present reminder to keep us on our toes.

The circulation of employees is very low and is a clear sign that KABOOKI employees are comfortable and safe and that they like what they do in their jobs.


When you buy a LEGO Wear product you can rest assured that we made a lot of choices on your behalf, making LEGO Wear the safe choice of garments for your child.

Most know the LEGO brick as a product of very high quality which will last throughout generations. The same applies to LEGO Wear; clothes of a very high quality that will last for a long time.


We have chosen to incorporate all prevailing safety standards that apply to children’s clothes in our design and manufacture of LEGO Wear. We know that when children play the best the clothes are tested to the extreme.
We have chosen to invest a vast number of resources in constantly developing and improving our products making them safe for children to play in.

How do we reduce the risk of accidents where the child may get stuck

We have chosen below initiatives to reduce the risk of accidents where the child may get stuck and potentially be at risk of choking

  • We do not make scarves
  • All outerwear has detachable hoods
  • We use a special snap button ribbon that release the hood when hood is pulled
  • The snap button ribbon is used to fasted detachable hoods on jackets for children ages 0-3 years
  • We have developed a special break-away safety buckle for LEGO Tec jackets and coveralls into which gloves and mittens can be fastened The buckle will release when pulled
  • We do not have strings and looks in the hood and neck area
  • We do not have strings on hats
  • Hoods on jackets and coveralls cannot be closed under the chin as this will create a loop, which potentially can cause accidents
  • The adjustable string in jackets is inside the jacket and secured in a way so it doesn’t fall underneath the jacket

  • How do we minimize the use of small parts

    Children climb, crawl, pull and bite clothes and that’s why we have chosen to incorporate rules from the Toy Safety Directive, which means that small parts have been securely fastened. Where possible we have chosen not to use small parts on on products aimed at children 0-3 years.

    Other examples on how we incorporate safety in our products

  • We have chosen to make short nightgowns to avoid girls falling
  • We have chosen to fasten strings in pants and jeans why strings cannot be taken out
  • We have chosen to use premium quality reflectors for optimum visibility

  • Chemistry

    Textiles may contain chemistry. Over recent years focus has been on various chemicals and the impact of chemicals on humans and the environment. We are always on top of the strictest rules, and we have chosen to accept only limit values way below the law regulated limit values.
    This means that all LEGO Wear products are manufactured without the use of harmful chemicals according to the EU legislation (REACH) and periodically tested by Bureau Veritas.


    We have chosen to concentrate our production in the Far East, in China to be specific. Chinese manufacturers supply high quality, they are reliable in terms of deliveries and more importantly – they are willing to dialogue. Dialogue is important to us because it means that we can cooperate with our suppliers for years and years, in doing so we achieve relations with our suppliers at the benefit of the suppliers, his employees, the LEGO Wear products and for you as a consumer. Only during long-term relationships are we able to influence our suppliers, and we have chosen to take part in influencing conditions with our suppliers.

    We have chosen to visit, audit and train our suppliers, because only then do we know that human right’s are respected and in focus.

    We have chosen to visit our suppliers because being a supplier of LEGO Wear also means having a close relation and a dialogue with the persons, who are responsible for delivering LEGO Wear to us – year after year.

    We have chosen to audit our suppliers which means that the factories are systematically checked according to local, national and international rules along with our Code of Conduct.

    We have chosen to train our suppliers, because we want to teach our suppliers how they can improve things – both in the short and in the long run, thus creating stability and profitability for the suppliers, which enhance a long-term relationship.


    For the time being we have chosen not to concentrate our efforts on environmental aspects at the production sites.

    As of January 1 2015, we have, however, chosen to be a member of DIEH (Danish Ethical Trading Initiative) thus joining forces with others to improve the environmental impact at the production sites on a long-term basis.
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