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T-shirts and tops for children

This is where you find all the awesome and chic tops for children from the popular brand LEGO® Wear. We have a great selection of different T-shirts and tops making sure that there is something for everyone, whether your child is a LEGO NINJAGO or a LEGO Friends fan. The T-shirts are bright in color and with prints of the cool characters, just like your son or daughter recognizes it from the unique LEGO universe, and the clothes inspire to hours of play.

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On this page there are cool, chic, crazy, and cute T-shirts for both boys and girls. There is something for everyone, and you will certainly be able to find something for your son or daughter. The T-shirts have some pretty cool motives that will be recognized by the classmates, when your child goes to school wearing the awesome clothes from LEGO Wear.

There are so many options in all the colors of the rainbow to choose from, and we would be surprised if your children couldn’t find something cool to their taste. All the T-shirts and tops are inspired by the awesome LEGO universe, and the children can draw parallels to that world when playing. You will find both LEGO DUPLO, LEGO NINJAGO and LEGO Friends among the styles. A large selection of different T-shirts and tops for children from LEGO Wear.