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Sweatshirts for children

Here you will find a wide and deep selection of sweatshirts for children. Just like the rest of the clothing in the LEGO® Wear collections, the many sweatshirts for boys and girls are of course inspired by the great LEGO universe. This means that the sweaters have a playful expression in their design; they are colorful, and many of them have a print of some sort, for example a LEGO character.

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LEGO Wear has always been synonymous with children’s clothing of the highest quality, which naturally shows in the sweatshirts for kids. If you are looking for a new sweatshirt for your boy or girl, you have come to the right place. Above you will find the largest selection of sweatshirts inspired by the grand and constantly expanding LEGO universe, and there will be something that appeals to any child – both the toddlers and the older kids.

The various sweatshirts are made of top-quality materials, and this ensures that they can withstand the somewhat rough treatment that comes along with being children’s clothes. You – as a parent – do not have to worry, if your child playing wildly on the playground should ruin the clothes.