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Cardigans and waistcoats for children

In this category you will find all the comfortable cardigans and cool waistcoats from the popular brand LEGO® Wear. We offer a wide selection of cardigans differing in color and style. LEGO Wear is known for our unique quality and design inspired by the LEGO universe. This means that the children can relate to what they are wearing, exactly because of the familiarity with LEGO.

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Children love to play, and they need the absolute best clothes to play in. On this page you will find all our popular LEGO Wear cardigans. There is something for everyone, and we promise you that your children are going to love the clothes. If you are browsing through the styles with your child, there will certainly be something that both of you like.

Common to all our cardigans is that they are inspired by the fantastic LEGO universe. This means that your child can have a cardigan with a motive that he can relate to. In that way, your son could also include the clothes when playing. It is important to children that they are wearing the best and coolest clothes, and with us you will find your child’s new favorite outfit in a breeze.