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LEGO® Wear TEC – technical outerwear

LEGO Wear TEC is a collection of functional outerwear with many fantastic properties that help keep your child dry and warm. We have only used durable and hard-wearing materials to guarantee a long lifespan and that the outerwear can withstand any play situation. Freedom to move is another important value in the range of LEGO Wear TEC clothes, since we want to make sure that your child is not limited in his or her movement.

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Function, comfort and freedom to move are keywords in any product of the LEGO Wear TEC collection. Therefore, you can be certain that regardless if you are buying a LEGO Wear TEC snowsuit for the winter season or a LEGO Wear TEC spring jacket, it is functional, comfortable and with freedom to move. This means that your child will be able to romp outside even though the snowsuit or jacket is nicely wadded. In the LEGO Wear TEC collection, you will find jackets, pants, snowsuits, ski pants, gloves, and much more.

Moreover, LEGO Wear TEC is both wind- and waterproof (minimum 8,000 mm water column material), with taped seams – meaning that the clothes are breathable, and excess body heat easily can be transported away. It is the ideal type of outerwear for the boy or girl who refuses to stay inside even on wet or cold days, but who just loves to get outside and play, regardless of the weather.