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Outerwear for children

The LEGO® Wear outerwear collection for children is designed and produced especially for playing outside – not just in sunshine, but also in rain and mud on the playground. The high quality and the durable materials make sure that your child will be wearing a big smile on her face and dry clothes underneath her outerwear when returning from the playground. LEGO Wear guarantees great shape and high quality in their outerwear.

No doubt there are a lot of options when you are shopping LEGO Wear outerwear for children. The many LEGO Wear collections offer outerwear for all seasons; fleece, softshells, snowsuits, winter jackets and much more. Above you will find exactly that piece of outerwear that you are looking for for your child, taking your own criteria and the changing seasons into consideration.

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LEGO® Wear is not only about a LEGO-inspired design. The brand speaks to active children and therefore the products are manufactured in durable materials to ensure that they can withstand any play situation.

LEGO is all about playing and that is also the foundation of the clothing production at LEGO Wear. And to ease your everyday life, all our outerwear styles can be washed in the washing machine – and furthermore the LEGO Wear TEC products can be dried in the tumble drier or in a drying cabinet, making dirty and wet outerwear less of a challenge.