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Softshell and fleece jackets for children

On some days it is not warm enough for your son or daughter to run around outside in a T-shirt, but it is not quite cold enough for them to wear a winter jacket.

A decent intermediate choice is a fleece jacket or a softshell jacket. On this page you will find a great selection of both LEGO® Wear fleece- and LEGO Wear softshell jackets.

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With a fleece jacket or a softshell jacket for children, you can be certain that your boy or girl is not going to be neither cold nor overheated due to a jacket that does not match the current temperature. In all LEGO Wear collections, there is a wide range of softshell- und fleece jackets. You will find elements of the LEGO universe in all the jackets and sweaters which is why the styles are so appealing to children of all ages.

Whichever demand you have in a fleece- or softshell jacket for children it will be met by LEGO Wear, since this brand always has guaranteed a high quality in both design and choice of materials. This ensures long lasting clothes, a great fit and freedom to move, which is why both you and your child will be pleased with a softshell jacket or fleece sweater.