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Rain wear for children

Are you looking for 100 % waterproof rain wear for your children? Something that will keep them dry even in the heaviest showers? Below you can find a large selection of LEGO® Wear rain wear for children – high quality rain wear with welded or taped seams. Our rain wear collection is a mix and match program where you pick which rain jacket to match with which pants, and in that way you can find a unique set of LEGO Wear rain wear for your child.

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First and foremost, rain wear must keep the child dry when he or she is outside on a rainy day. But that is not all, because a bit of rain rarely stops a child from running outside to spend hours on the playground with the other children. For that reason, rain wear for children should also secure freedom to move and a great fit so that it does not hinder the child in playing – of course this knowledge is thought into the design of the LEGO Wear rain clothes. So, our rain wear is ideal for the active and energetic child who loves to be outside in any kind of weather.

All the styles in the rain wear range is made of durable and high-quality materials that will keep your child both warm and dry, while it is able to withstand any play situation on the playground. Lastly, the rain wear meets all safety standards.