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Outdoor pants for children

At LEGO® Wear, we have a large selection of pants for outdoor use. Functional pants are essential when playing outside, and our outdoor pants have great qualities like high durability, protective coating, waterproofness, extra durable reinforcements, or snow skirt. You will find pants for every season here, from the warm spring days to the chilliest snowy days.

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Every pair of our outdoor pants is designed for the active, playing child. For instance, playing outside often involves sitting down or sitting on one’s knees, which makes these some of the particularly exposed areas. Therefore, we have included reinforcement on the knees and on the back in several styles, and we have chosen durable materials only, to ensure that all our pants can withstand any play situation. You will find outdoor pants in many different colours and looks, and there will definitely be a pair to your and your child’s taste. Furthermore, elements from the amazing LEGO universe are always a part of our design – for instance an iconic reflector – and the children can relate to that when playing. Our selection comprises thin outdoor pants, padded overtrousers, and ski pants with and without a bib.