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Shorts & skirts for children

In this category you will find all our cool shorts and chic skirts for children from the popular brand LEGO® Wear. Our selection has a great range of different styles and colors, so that you most certainly will find something to your and your child’s liking. Super awesome shorts for the cool boy and pretty skirts for the beautiful girl. Both shorts and skirts are summer items, and comfortable clothes are a must for your child in the summer. When it is hot outside, wearing light and floating clothes is the best, and this is where you can find just that.

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On a warm summer day, it is great to wear shorts or a skirt and stay cool. Above you will find a broad selection of shorts and skirts for boys and girls. There are several different colors, styles, and looks and definitely something for everyone, so that you and your child also can find some cute and cool clothes.

It is important that kids can move around freely in their clothes and they should be wearing only the most comfortable items. This is what you get when you buy LEGO Wear clothes. Our creations of shorts and skirts for children all have one thing in common: They are made with inspiration from the unique LEGO universe, and your child can relate to that when playing.