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Pants for children

If you are looking for new pants for your child, you have – no doubt about it – come to the right place. On this page you will find Scandinavia’s largest selection of pants for boys and girls from the popular and highly respected brand LEGO® Wear. All pants are designed for energetic and active children, and they are equipped with an adjustable waist. Furthermore, they are made of durable and comfortable materials which guarantees that the pants can be used by active children who love kicking footballs around on the playing field, playing with their friends on the playground or exploring the woods.

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All pants have a classic design, making them a popular pick in children’s pants. Parents love them because they are made of strong materials, meaning no need to go buy new pants every other day. The kids love them because they are comfortable, fit nicely, and have freedom to move – in brief, the ideal pants for any activity on the playground or on the playing field. We all know too well how the knees on pants get worn, so it is very important with a hard-wearing material, without compromising on a cool design with elements from the wonderful LEGO universe, known and loved by all children.