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Leggings for children

This is where you find our selection of both colorful and simple leggings. Children have different taste and style and with our range of leggings, surely you will be able to find something for your child. These leggings are made of a high-quality material that ensures they can withstand any play situation.

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On this page you can see the popular LEGO® Wear leggings that come in many different looks, colors, and styles. As per usual they are inspired by the LEGO universe and there will always be a playful element in the design, whether the leggings are colorful, all-over printed, or more subdued and classic. We are making sure that there is something for any taste, since the LEGO universe also is very versatile – and loved by everyone.

There is a variety of leggings in our assortment, so just take your time to find exactly those pairs that match your child’s style. Common for all the leggings is that they are made of the best quality materials and have a great fit. These things guarantee that the leggings are very durable so that your child can play freely – and you do not need to worry if the clothes can handle the rough treatment.