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Basic for children

On this page you will find our basic styles for boys and girls. We have a range of simple products that both you and your child are going to like. Browse through our different pieces and find some of those basic items that you were needing. All basics are LEGO® Wear and are of the well-known high quality.

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When you are looking for basics, look no further – we have collected it all on this page. This is where you find the best basics for girls and boys. Children can wear their clothes up when playing so it is vital that you find some basics that are both versatile and hard-wearing. This is important to LEGO Wear: Our clothing must be durable.

We have basics for kids of all ages. There is a grand number of different basic styles and that is why we have collected a decent assortment from LEGO Wear that appeals to most tastes. There will certainly be something for everyone, also some styles that your child will love. Just go explore our assortment, and it won’t be long before you have found some LEGO Wear basics that both of you like.