Beach & water

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Beach & water

Charter vacation, summer holiday, water park, swimming pool, or beach – your child is going to love playing in and jumping into the water wearing awesome swim wear from LEGO® Wear, inspired by the amazing LEGO universe.

Dive into our grand selection

When on the lookout for new swim wear, more things should be taken into consideration. Soon enough the look of the clothes play a crucial role for your child, and then choosing swim wear form LEGO Wear is advantageous, since your child will be able to recognize her favorite characters and fun LEGO elements or enjoy the fresh colors oozing of sun and warm summer days.

We have a large range of styles according to your child’s preferences; swimming trunks, beach shorts, bikinis and bathing suits, and you should easily be able to find something to your taste.

Be careful in the sun

In recent years, all of us have become increasingly aware of the damaging UV rays, and we at LEGO Wear of course are producing swim wear accordingly. Going to the beach should be safe. Please take a look at our UPF 50+ protection styles which are protecting against up to 98 % of the damaging UV rays of the sun – the maximum protection on the beach or by the pool. Just remember to put on sunscreen where the suit isn’t covering your child’s skin, then she is good to go.

Our UPF clothes come in many different types: a bodysuit with or without long sleeves, a two-piece set, and we also make UPF 50+ sun hats with neck protection. Look for the marking when you are choosing swim wear, as we have put a sun icon on all our sun wear styles with UV-protection.