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Swim wear for children

Here you will find a lot of smart swim shorts, chic bathing suits and super cute bikinis, making your child the coolest kid on the beach, at the swimming pool or in the water park. Surely your child should have the most comfortable clothes and of course the very best swim wear too. Picking LEGO Wear clothes is your guarantee of those things. The clothes have the well-known high durability, are made of a very flexible material, and allow for hours and hours of play.

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Above you will find all of our great swim shorts, swimsuits and bikinis. There are a lot of different styles to choose from, and you will definitely be able to find a pair of cool swim trunks for your son or a sweet bikini for your daughter. We have all the great items from LEGO Wear, and there is also something for your kid.

Your child should have the absolute smartest swim wear on the market. Our swim wear is inspired by the awesome LEGO world, meaning that your child can have swim wear featuring the characters from this universe. That way your son or daughter can include this world when playing or swimming. The clothes are extremely hard-wearing which is one of the qualities that LEGO Wear is most famous for. No play in the swimming pool will be hindered by our swim wear – on the contrary, it allows for playing freely, and wild games will not affect the quality of the clothes.