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Sunwear for children

If you are looking to protect your child from damaging UV radiation in the best possible way, buying swimwear with UV filter is a great idea. Above, you can find a wide selection of LEGO® Wear swim wear with sun protection, and the clothes are smart as well as functional. In addition to that, the sunwear styles are soft and stretchy so that your child can play freely on the beach and in the waves.

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On this page, you will find a variety of swimwear styles with UV protection. Choose from sunwear suits, swim briefs, and T-shirts. The UV coveralls with long or short sleeves are loved particularly by the youngest LEGO® fans. The older children are often happy to wear just a cool long- or short-sleeved T-shirt with sun protection. All LEGO Wear sunwear styles are made with UPF 50+, which is in the category of excellent protection. The number means that entire 98% of the damaging UV rays are filtered out. Now, you just need to put on sunscreen on those areas of the skin that are not covered by the sunwear products. The LEGO Wear sun wear items are made in premium quality materials to ensure that it can withstand the rough treatment of the sun, sand, salt water, or chlorinated pool water. The swim wear is durable too which is one of the well-known LEGO Wear qualities. The swimwear with sun protection allows children to play freely, and as a parent you can feel safe because the clothes protect their skin optimally.