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Hats and balaclavas for children

On those freezing winter days, the children’s ears need the best protection from the cold on your way to daycare or school. On this site you will find a grand selection of hats, beanies and balaclavas for children from the popular brand LEGO® Wear, which produces clothes and accessories inspired by the LEGO universe.

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Above you will see Scandinavia’s greatest selection of LEGO Wear hats and balaclavas for children. This also means that you have come to the right place, regardless if you are shopping for a cotton hat, a knit hat with tassel, a fleece hat, a knit balaclava, one with stripes, one with a cute print, one with a cool motive, or just a simple high-quality balaclava.

The list is long, but common for all items is that they are manufactured in the best materials. This secures not only a long lifespan but also that your child’s ears and head are kept warm, even when it is freezing cold. Several hats and balaclavas come with wind stopper membranes inside over the ears and other functional details, so get browsing and find yourselves a new favorite hat for fun in the snow.