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Gloves and mittens for children

We all know the feeling. Winter is coming and it is time to dig up the mittens, but where did they go? Neither you nor your kid have a clue. On this page you can get our help, since we have a grand selection of mittens and gloves for boys and girls from the popular and highly respected clothing brand LEGO® Wear, inspired by the LEGO universe. We offer mittens and gloves in high-quality materials, and you could consider throwing an extra pair into the basket to have a dry pair at daycare or at school, if your child should have gotten mud or water inside the mitten when playing.

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If you want your children to take better care of their gloves and mittens, a possible solution is to give them a pair that they really love. It is only natural that you look better out for those items that you are very happy about – this applies to gloves and mittens too. And don’t you think a pair inspired by the LEGO universe and made by LEGO Wear could be a success? Our items have a number of nice details that are making sure, that your child’s little fingers and hands stay warm, when winter really is upon us.

All mittens and gloves are made of premium materials, ensuring their lifespan, and furthermore they can be hooked together when they are not in use – that makes it easier to find both of them again. Many gloves and mittens can be attached to LEGO Wear snowsuits and winter jackets, and in that way, they are always at hand when you need them. In-between seasons this is a very functional feature because the child can take off the gloves on the playground, when his fingers get too warm – and the gloves or mittens are not lost somewhere but attached to the sleeves instead.