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What is LEGO Tec?

LEGO Tec is our functional outerwear collection with plenty of sublime details that will keep your child warm and dry all winter long.

Only the best materials have been used to make this collection. The fabrics have been hand-picked to ensure high durability and unique colourfastness. Function and comfort are key factors and we have adjusted all fits which means that the clothes fit perfectly, providing excellent freedom of movement for the child when playing.

The LEGO Tec collection offers 3 functional outerwear lines

A complete program consisting of jackets, ski pants, coveralls, fleece, ski pullovers, soft shells, ski underwear and a wide range of accessories, all in bright, strong and appealing colors. The LEGO Tec program has everything a child needs to be best dressed during the winter season.


Play is our well-known highly functional outerwear line, made in the usual durable quality with lots of great features. Designed in happy colours and printed fabrics. Sport is an all-purpose line suitable for all kinds of outdoor winter activities in the snow or in the playground, allowing children to move around safety and without limitations.


URBAN is designed without compromising quality. URBAN is an exclusive, hard-wearing line in classic colours and with fake fur trimming at the hood. It is made in a highly durable abrasion resistant fabric exceeding 100,000 rubs. A double layer fabric is used as reinforcement on the knees and on the seat. During the winter, this line is simply perfect for any child who wants to explore the world.

LEGO Tec SPORT High end

High end is created for children who love to be active and play in the snow. High end is the perfect choice for winter sports in the mountains and contains all the relevant functions needed for skiing. The material is extra soft and flexible ensuring freedom of movement on the slopes.  Water column of 10,000 mm keeps the child dry all day.

100% wind- and waterproof

LEGO Tec is 100% wind- and waterproof (10,000 mm water column), and has taped seams all over. Furthermore it is breathable, which means that body vapor is easily transported away from the body. This of course encourages active play and allows the child to stay dry much longer.

Great functions

LEGO Tec has many excellent functional details. For the younger children coveralls have extra long zippers, making it easy for the child to dress and undress. Additional fleece lining around the seat why the child stays warm even if the child sits in the snow. All jackets and coveralls have a special safety break-away buckle where gloves and mittens can be fastened. In this way gloves are always near by and don’t get lost. Outside lift card pocket is standard on all jackets and coveralls. We always work to develop and to create optimum products for the benefit of children and their parents.


A high degree of safety has been integrated in each LEGO Tec product, and therefore your child can play safely when wearing LEGO Tec products. All hoods are detachable and if by accident the child gets caught for instance on a branch, the hood will immediately be released. The hood is fastened on a snap button ribbon that has been designed to release immediately if exposed to pulls.

In the hood and neck area you’ll find no strings or loops. All other strings are integrated in a closed system and a fabric layer over the string means that there are no loose strings in any LEGO Tec product.

The safety break-away buckle on the sleeves of jackets and coveralls for gloves and mittens releases when mittens are pulled – reducing the risk of accidents.

All reflectors are 3M Scotchlite reflectors, which are the best on the market, making the child visible on dark days.

LEGO® Wear – High quality children's clothes

LEGO Wear clothing is synonymous with high quality. Children play and wear their clothes out, and that's the way it should be. That's why good quality is in focus, and LEGO Wear is good quality, the clothes will last and the comfort is still high.

LEGO® Wear – childrens favorite clothes

Find your child's favourite clothes here. Your child will love the LEGO characters on the clothes and soon have found a new favourite with an image from the LEGO universe.  High quality clothes that can washed over and over again.

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