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KABOOKI® is the company behind the brand LEGO Wear. We offer a full range of clothes of sizes from 0 - 16 years. For cute kids and cool kids, relaxed, playing or energized kids - you name it!

The main office is situated in Herning, Denmark. We have offices and employees in various cities in Europe, just as we have facilities in the Far East, facilities that for instance handle quality control, at the benefit of retailers as well as consumers.

Our employees are, each within their own field, specialists, whom work with several years of experience within children's clothes.

Take a look around our website, find out who we are and what we stand for! Enjoy!


KABOOKI A/S was founded in 1993.

In the beginning the company had one aim only; to design, produce and market LEGO Wear. High quality clothes for children aged 0-12 years on a license from LEGO Group. And we have done that ever since.

In 2006 another brand was added to the company portfolio, namely GRUNT®. GRUNT® is cool and trendy clothes for children aged 8-16 years. In April 2012 GRUNT was sold to another children's wear manufacturer.

The office in Herning, Denmark employees 50 dedicated persons. Employees, whom each day do their best to make the nicest and coolest clothes.

Do you wonder what KABOOKI means? KABOOKI is derived from the word 'kabuki' - a traditional form of Japanese theatre, significant for colourful costumes.

The ownership of KABOOKI A/S is: Jysk-Fynsk Kapital A/S, who is the major shareholder. Further LEGO Group and the KABOOKI management are shareholders in KABOOKI A/S.


Our values are pretty simple; we design, produce and sell high quality clothes, and we have no intention of changing that. Quality clothes that walk hand in hand with the trend and with the demands for choice of colour, styling and design. We never make a compromise when it comes to quality or design!

Click into - to see images of present collections, to find retailers, all in all; plenty of inspiration!


Corporate Social Responsibility.

There are many ways to conduct social responsibility. For some companies social responsibility is a new way of thinking and new thing to deal with, for others it is the core basis and essence for running a company.

For KABOOKI® the following applies: "We must always behave consciously, and we must strive to do better". KABOOKI® continuously wishes to do things better, and this is why social responsibility will never become a secondary issue for KABOOKI® - it is an on-going process!

At KABOOKI® we work with longterm relationships with our suppliers. We source and select our suppliers very carefully and we only cooperate with suppliers that provide and guarantee good and healthy work conditions for its employees. Suppliers must consider and take care of the environment.
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At KABOOKI® we are well aware that chemicals may cause unwanted reactions not only at the production site but also with the consumer. This is why we conduct very restrictive rules regarding the use of chemicals. Our rules are so restrictive and fully live up to the EU standards.

Environment also means considering the use of power, water, heating, wrapping material, it equipment and much, much more. We strive to think in new terms, and we welcome inputs - also those that come from our employees.

All LEGO Wear products are manufactured according to prevailing EU legislation (REACH) and are randomly subjected to Bureau Veritas inspections.

Being an employee
Not only the production site must offer good working conditions. We also provide good working conditions for employees working at KABOOKI®. We offer a series of benefits. We talk freely and openly believing that everyone is entitled to say what he/she wishes. We support local initiatives, for instance cultural arrange- ments. Naturally also for the benefit of our employees.

Above are just a few elements of what we value highly. The basis is always the same 'we must always behave consciously'. Only in doing so we can contribute in providing the best platform for future generations.

AEO approval

KABOOKI® is AEO approved.

Please read more details here

The workplace

At KABOOKI® we work with LEGO Wear which is a complete chilren's wear concept for children between 0 and 12 years.
At KABOOKI® there is a certain spirit; a spirit that reflects the fact that we always do our best to create and market exciting products for our consumers. Working at KABOOKI® never gets boring!

We work with the entire process both within LEGO Wear; design, purchase, marketing and sales. Logistics as well as bookkeeping is also handled in-house.

Contact us

Rønnevej 1
7400 Herning

Tlf.:  + 45 9721 6466
Fax:  + 45 9721 7601

Feel free to contact us. Do you have questions, comments or suggestion please use either of above ways to contact us.

LEGO® Wear – High quality children's clothes

LEGO Wear clothing is synonymous with high quality. Children play and wear their clothes out, and that's the way it should be. That's why good quality is in focus, and LEGO Wear is good quality, the clothes will last and the comfort is still high.

LEGO® Wear – childrens favorite clothes

Find your child's favourite clothes here. Your child will love the LEGO characters on the clothes and soon have found a new favourite with an image from the LEGO universe.  High quality clothes that can washed over and over again.

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