What is water column pressure?

Water column pressure is a way of measuring how waterproof the fabric of a piece of clothing is. Imagine a long glass pipe placed on the fabric that you fill up with water. The millimetres indicate how much water you can fill in the glass pipe before the water permeates the fabric. In LEGO® Wear, we operate with outerwear that can withstand a pressure of 3,000-15,000 mm.

Does higher water column mean better quality?

No definitely not, since you also have to bear in mind that the child should be able to breathe in the product. As parents, you should always consider the purpose of the outerwear. In Denmark for instance, kids are often outside the entire day in some types of kindergartens. In this case, we would recommend a fully taped TEC product with a water column between 10,000-15,000 mm. This way you can be certain that the child is dry and warm all day long. But for school use and playing outside during the weekend – 3,000 mm is also fine.