No rain?

Is probably not realistic, even though we are longing for sun and blue skies. Therefore rain wear is crucial for all kids who love playing outside.

But what is important to take into consideration when picking this year’s rain wear? Our customer service team has gathered the best LEGO® Wear pieces of advice in order to help you.

What is the difference between our regular rain wear and our LEGO® Wear TEC summer?

Normally when we get this question the answer is really simple. Most important - both types of rain wear keep the children 100% dry. But with the LEGO® Wear TEC summer you just get so much more.

Actually you get a cool spring and summer jacket and outdoor pants which are 100% breathable! Besides that the LEGO® Wear TEC summer is 100% wind and water proof. And you don’t need to buy thermo clothes to wear underneath regular rain wear, which is common especially in Scandinavia.

The most important arguments for buying the regular LEGO® Wear rain wear?

If your child loves the LEGO® universe he or she will be able to mix and match the perfect favourite set of rain wear. The regular rain wear has a knit lining which makes it comfortable to wear and prevents condensation. Like in all of our outerwear the hood is constructed with snap buttons for safety reasons so the hood detaches if the child gets stuck on the playground or while crawling in a tree.

LEGO® Wear regular rainwear facts:

  • 5.000 mm PU coating
  • Welded waterproof seams
  • Reflector details both on the front and back
  • Comfortable elastic ends on arms and leg

LEGO® Wear TEC summer facts:

  • 100% breathable
  • 5.000 mm water column
  • 100% taped seams
  • Abrasion resistance exceeds 50.000 rubs
  • 3M Scotchlite reflectors for optimal visibility in the dark
  • Can be dried using a drying cabinet or tumble dryer
  • All styles are treated with ECO-friendly Bionic finish

What are you buying for your own kids?

We are a big fan of our LEGO® Wear TEC summer and so are our kids. I know that they will be warm and dry even though it might be windy and raining. Since they often come home quite dirty and muddy after having played outside, it is crusial to be able to wash and air- or tumble dry it for the next morning.

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