Children have different needs and personalities which is why we offer a wide range of snowsuits. So, how do you choose the right one for your child?

On this page, we have a selection of snowsuits. In the filtering function, you can filter LEGO® Wear snowsuits on price, size, and theme, which is a great help. Below, we guide you through the different types so that you can find the perfect one for your child.

EXCLUSIVE snowsuits

The unicoloured snowsuits from the EXCLUSIVE line are some our bestselling snowsuits, and they are made of premium quality materials. They have a water column of 15.000 mm and are extremely durable. This is the snowsuit for children who spend a lot of their time outside, regardless of rain, sleet, or snow. They come in two designs, one fitted for young children and one for older children.

The PLAY snowsuit

Our functional PLAY snowsuit LWJIPE 701 is made for any kind of play in the snow, and it is available in two warm colours. It has a water column of 12.000 mm and is made of a durable material. This is an awesome snowsuit in a test-winning quality for the older children.

BASIC snowsuits

The BASIC snowsuit is a sensible basic snowsuit. The look is simple and classic, and it has a water column of 10.000 mm. This is a great, solid kind of snowsuit with less details than PLAY or EXCLUSIVE.


The chic snowsuits in the CONTEMPORARY line are thinner suits with a lower water column of 3.000 mm. They are ideal for particularly the youngest who are not rolling around in mud or snow. They also make great excursion outerwear when going for a ride or a walk in the stroller.