An extremely durable and affordable snowsuit

If your child needs a new snowsuit, you should read along here, because we have a test winning snowsuit for toddlers that you safely can dress your son or daughter in.

With LEGO® Wear, you can be certain to buy a snowsuit that keeps the children warm and dry all day, regardless if they are jumping in puddles, are playing in slush, or are building snowmen.

The best in test snowsuit for toddlers is LWJULIAN 711 and comes from our last winter collection. It has won the Swedish Bäst i Test award 2020. Of course, we have a corresponding style for this season with the exact same features and qualities that the test families point out.

Seven advantages according to the test families:

1. ”Highly durable”

The three test families are impressed with the durability of the coverall. There are no holes and hardly any visible wear even on exposed areas like knees and back.

2. ”Plenty of freedom of movement”

The snowsuit has a generous fit and it fits toddlers well, the jury assesses.

3. ”Completely dry”

The parent panel reports that neither rain nor slush or snow sneak into arm and leg openings. Here, a tight-fitting elastic opening keeps the child completely dry, regardless of the weather conditions.

4. ”Easy to succeed”

The suit is easy to put on for the test children, and it is surprisingly easy for them to slide the elastic arm and leg openings over both mittens and shoes. The small children developing independence experience a feeling of success putting on the snowsuit, precisely because they “can do it themselves”.

5. ”Keeps body heat well”

You do not have to worry about your child freezing, because the snowsuit keeps a good temperature regardless of the weather, the jury says.

6. ”Dirt is no problem”

The dirty snowsuit is easily brushed or shaken clean again. Should it need to be washed in the washing machine, the drying time afterwards is relatively short, so that the overall is ready for another day of playing outside the following morning, is the experience from the test families.

7. ”Can be sold with advantage”

The parents underline that the snowsuit is in such a good condition even after an entire season of active play that it easily can be saved for younger siblings or be sold second-hand with advantage.

Quality in every detail

At LEGO® Wear, we are thrilled about winning best in test. We emphasize durability, freedom of movement and high quality in our designs, so that kids can be kids, and parents can feel secure that they are buying only the best for their little ones. Therefore, we are so excited that the test families appreciate those values and details that we are implementing into the snowsuits.


Choose between 5 lovely colours

The snowsuit from our newest collection, corresponding to the test winner, comes in 5 great colours. Which one do you prefer?

What to expect when you buy LEGO® Wear outerwear

Safety is key when we design and produce children’s clothing. Every LEGO® Wear outerwear style is equipped with reflectors of high quality to ensure good visibility in traffic. Due to safety considerations, all hoods are detachable and mounted on our unique push button band, so that the hood is detached from the jacket or coverall, as soon as it is pulled in.

Small children get dirty. Indeed, their clothes do too. Our outerwear styles can be washed and dried, ready for the following day, so that it is as easy as possible to be a parent of mud-loving toddlers. Furthermore, we have proofed all outerwear styles with an environmentally acceptable, fluorine-free Bionic Finish ECO surface-treatment, which improves that water and dirt repellent qualities of the fabric.

Children’s first job is to play and to experience all day. Therefore, we want children’s clothes to support their freedom of movement, to encourage play and activity. This happens partly when we implement fun LEGO elements into the clothing design, partly when we make engineered fits on arms or knees.

At LEGO Wear we think of quality in every small detail. We do not compromise with quality of threads, buttons, zippers, reflectors, choice of materials or anything else. That is our way of guaranteeing you as a parent, that you always get a premium quality product for your loved ones to wear.