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Bottoms for boys

On this page you find Scandinavia’s largest selection of LEGO Wear bottoms for boys. This includes a wide and extensive assortment of various pants and shorts – from jeans to sweatpants to shorts and knickers and Bermudas.
If you need bottoms for your son you’ve come to the right place. You and your son will find LEGO Wear bottoms that you will both love.

PILOU 774 - LEGO® fleece pants
Item number: 19370
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Available in 2 colours
Sizes in stock:
104 cm, 140 cm

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LEGO Wear means high quality both in design and choice of material, which is easily spotted when you check out the many different bottoms for boys. And all the bottoms are popular among parents and their children. Children love to wear clothes that are comfortable and at the same time cool, and parents love LEGO Wear garments because they are extremely durable and at the same time allows the child to play without limitations.

All LEGO Wear bottoms for boys come with an adjustable waistband, and are made of durable, comfortable and sturdy material, leaving LEGO Wear to be the ideal choice if you have an active boy, who loves to play wild games with the other boys. All LEGO Wear bottoms appeal to any boy as they are inspired by the LEGO universe.

LEGO® Wear – High quality children's clothes

LEGO Wear clothing is synonymous with high quality. Children play and wear their clothes out, and that's the way it should be. That's why good quality is in focus, and LEGO Wear is good quality, the clothes will last and the comfort is still high.

LEGO® Wear – childrens favorite clothes

Find your child's favourite clothes here. Your child will love the LEGO characters on the clothes and soon have found a new favourite with an image from the LEGO universe.  High quality clothes that can washed over and over again.

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