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LEGO Wear – when quality in clothes is essential

For generations the LEGO name has been synonymous with quality - quality in toys for children. This quality has been copied into LEGO Wear children's clothes. Children are hard on their clothes, and that's the way it should be. Therefore, focus is on quality in the collection yet still paying close attention to comfort. LEGO represents a universe, which is known and loved throughout the world, and LEGO Wear clothes have images and graphics that are easily identified from the child's play situations. In LEGO Wear you will always find the most loved LEGO characters. LEGO Wear; clothes for active children of all ages.

Different children – different clothes

Children are different, and a 1-year old girl doesn't have the same needs as an 8-year old boy. Our assortment of clothes starts at age 9 months, where the clothes should have room to move and for development. And LEGO Wear is so sturdy that it will not be ruined. As the children grow older they have new demands. For boys the Ninjago theme is very hot and LEGO Friends is hip for the girls – that's why you find LEGO Wear with images from for instance these LEGO themes. LEGO Wear – clothes for active children of all ages.

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